The best next thing to having your own sun!

1 The OG Nova series. Our full spectrum is the only growing light on the market designed for growing high grade medical cannabis. The “Light it up Enterprise”  light spectrum produced by our LED’s is designed to mimic natural sunlight and can be used both during the vegetative and flowing stages of plant growth eliminating the need for additional lighting.LED’s are cheaper to operate and produce less heat lowering overall cost at the same time adding a 25% increase in growth and yield. The 1200 watt model comes with 4 built in ultra quiet cooling fans eliminating the need for lighting ventilation and additional cooling fans.

The OG Nova series grow lights are hands down the best for your medicinal growing needs and the high efficiency of our lights will save your hard earned cash. The OG Nova is the next best thing to having your own sun.

  • Maximum yield from minimal growing space. Perfect for home medical growers
  • Up to 85% savings in energy costs over conventional HID lighting.
  • No expensive high wattage cooling systems needed.
  • No ballasts or reflectors needed. Our LED’s direct light offers maximum lumens per sq. ft.
  • Lower operating temperature helps keep you at optimal range for growing.